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Tuesday, October 7, 2008
so i watched Tarzan today after not seeing it for a few years and i would definitely bag. ♥ him and jane are sooo adorablee and for a white guy he is quite attractive. i just think i'm attracted to danger... well, i know i'm attracted to danger even though my most recent crush if you could call him that is pretty... nice. it makes for an odd match. crazy, unstable recovering alcoholic and sex addict + nice guy who goes to school and studies and respects his parents. reminds me of crazy/beautiful, which i was watching (after not seeing it for quite a few years as well) on sunday before i went on a hacky sack finding mission with khavon. i used to love that moviee. i didnt get to see the end because i had to leave (and i didnt even find a hacky sack) but i got to see my favorite part anyway so its alright.

i've been seventeen for almost four days! i had a good birthday too. got a new beautiful, shiny computer. two cakes. madd food. and just to show you how "well taken care of" i am, my mother gave me seventeen birthday cards.. who does that? not that im complaining though. (= and as my present to myself, i got myself spore creatures. pretty good game, i like rpgish things so it works for me.

oh and thirsty is like my new favorite song ♥
let it drip down your mouth
imma tease you, show you what you've been missing
make it a night, i'll let you get another sip
appreciate what you get
cuz for someone who act like he ain't want it
no, i ain't forget
you're beggin me to give you this


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