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Friday, October 17, 2008
I slept 23 hours today. Khav came over after a long (but fun) day of hackysack yesterday and I fell asleep after he left at 11pm. I didnt wake up until 10pm today... Ok, to be honest, for the last hour I was more laying there and daydreaming but still, I should be a champion sleeper.
Yesterday was incredibly fun. It was senior information night, which neither Terrill, Khavon, Keron, Jose, or I actually attended. I didnt really see the point in going since i am supposed to be dropping out anyway so we hackysacked and Khavon/Terrill played Jose out of some money.
After my brief hybernation, I expected to feel more manic than this but I'm not complaining. mania > depression. I'm planning on going to my father's job today or at the very least visiting my family. I usually go over there every week but it has been two weeks since i went over. My whole sleep schedule has been fucked up the past few weeks. Oh, and I've been fighting this incredible urge to cut recently. I never noticed how much I actually enjoyed doing it until a few days ago when I found myself hacking with Khavon and Terrill at 1am craving it. Also, WE FOUND HACKYSACKS! I went from being hackysackless to having five. ♥ I'm sure I'm going to end up cutting soon though. It was wayy awkward telling Khavon I cut. He's been my friend for four years and never knew. Our whole friendship is awkward nowdays though. I'm not even sure why.

Kudos to Akmel for introducing me to Crown Royal btw.

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